Photography Sessions

IMG_1768St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable is excited to open the Chapel, Barn, and grounds for Photography sessions involving families, proposals, engagements, bridal photos, senior photos, maternity photos, quinceanera photos, and prom photos. Photography sessions at the Chapel, Barn, and grounds are by appointment only. You may choose to contract any photographer you prefer for your session, or you may bring your own camera.

Photography sessions are typically booked during non-peak days of the week (i.e. Monday – Thursday). Photography sessions may not be utilized in conjunction with any other scheduled event at the Chapel, Barn, and grounds (i.e. Wedding, Wedding Toast, etc.) During a Photography session, the public does not have access to the property, so the session at the Chapel, Barn, and grounds are for the exclusive use of those reserving at that time. The hourly rate for a session is $50. Additional time may be purchased in half-hour increments at the rate of 1/2 the hourly fee.

Anyone wishing to schedule a Photography session may contact us for reservations at 479-387-1107, or you may email us at




We have some wonderful Photography Accents available to complement your Photography session. These Accents are available by reservation only. Access to some Accents may be restricted based upon weather conditions on the day of your reservation. The pricing for Photography Accents is per item and is an additional fee for your photography session. A member of St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable staff will assist you in the placement of Accents during your photography session.



Prop Price
Fainting Couch $50
1863 Cabriolet Carriage $50
Engagement Package $100 per hour for the Session and Props (Includes a Tandem bike, Canoe, and Floral Ring)
Floral Ring No Fee

*Placement of this is at the discretion of our staff